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The future does not get involved in the cultural industry enterprises can not make a lot of money

Author:    Time:2016-12-15    Browse volume:second

 Do culture can make money?




 How can I earn a quick digging of coal, a sunrise and sunset, a small coal mine, Nissan value of 40 million.


 That's right!


 This is the past! Now no longer find such a violent industry.


 Ten years ago, China's rapid economic development, almost do what the industry to make money, like some uneducated coal bosses, to catch up with the opportunities of the times, in that era riches, since the coal mine integration, they no longer In recent years, lower commodity prices and the dollar, would like to continue to use the past model once and for all, is almost impossible.


 China's economy has experienced rapid development, the economy began to moderately slow down, low-end high-energy-consuming industries, has been facing serious capacity over wins, various industries are facing transformation and upgrading needs, low-level development model, Money is no easy task. How to find the next Nuggets point? In the end to where? How to transition? Up to the country, down to the ordinary people are actively exploring, "transformation" has become a top priority.


 The Enlightenment of Korea Development


 After the Asian financial turmoil in 1998, the Republic of Korea formally put forward the policy of "saving the nation by culture", and Kim Tae-chung, then president of the Republic of Korea, proclaimed: "Korea is a high-tech and cultural industry in the 21st century." From 1999 to 2001 , The Korean government has formulated a series of strategic policies such as the "Five-Year Plan for the Development of Cultural Industry", "Cultural Industry Prospects" and "Cultural Industry Development Promotion Plan", and made clear the development strategy and long-term development plan of the cultural industry, Launched a series of major initiatives to promote the development of cultural industries. Second, the positive cultural output. Due to the small domestic market, South Korea's cultural industry's strategic goal is not to the domestic market as the main battlefield, but to enter the international market.


 By the end of May 2012, the Korea Exchange Export Impact Analysis and Financial Support Program, published by the Export-Import Bank of Korea's Overseas Economic Research Institute, showed that an increase of US $ 100 per Korean export would increase US $ 412 in merchandise exports. With the Korean and other cultural products sweeping the world, countries of the goodwill of Korean products increased, an increase of mobile phones and other Korean goods sales.


 Although the manufacturing industry to South Korea lost the advantage of China, but in the cultural industry's earnings than industrial products more than 10 times. This is the reason why South Korea is still developing at a high speed during its transformation and development - through the cultural industry as a national strategy.


 The Inspiration of Taiwan 's Cultural Industry


 What is cultural and creative industries? "Culture, sports and leisure services." Many friends who have been to Taiwan will feel the splendor and diversity of Taiwan's cultural and creative industries. Such as "the night market selling some chic small objects, picked up flip over, turned out to be a cup," drinking tea, cup with Yu Wen, can also be used to massage the neck, and 'rhino flip' implies a meaning - Heaven and earth. The same size of ordinary clay cup can only sell a few dollars, and this cup can be sold for 380 yuan. Taiwan's agricultural tourism industry, but also reflects the perfect combination of cultural and traditional industries, the general food and vegetables in the sales of the same time, , The integration of some "story" of the crop, selling things to tell consumers: you have to eat something in which Taiwanese culture, one kilogram can often be sold for NT $ 500, and Taiwan supermarkets in general vegetables usually only Selling NT $ 60 per kg.


 This is the great value that Taiwan's cultural and creative industries bring. They have made the business a culture. Through the grade to create the value of the product, rather than with low-level price competition. From the past few years, the development of Taiwan's case is not difficult to find that the overall economy is facing enormous pressure on the transition, you need to cultural and creative industries closely integrated with the economy.


 The future, China's transformation and development, the same as the need for cultural industries as a leader, the industrial upgrading and development. Culture and any industry are closely related to the culture of its play and imagination is also a huge space, the culture created by the capacity and value of any one of the traditional industries can not match, so the next decade, you want to dig their first bucket Gold, remember! To cultural integration.


 Huilong Foundation, the culture given to the image, so well-made love micro-film, wedding movies, videos and other samples widely praised by the public. Such as the love micro-film "China Red" picture of every action, every shot, full of director of the film given to the Chinese classical culture, has become a love of micro-film classic. Taibai liquor ads are fully integrated into the Chinese wine culture, exudes a antique, and made a good response.