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"Sisters and Sisters" Du Ruoxi outbreak spring tea couple feelings into a mystery

Author:    Time:2016-11-17    Browse volume:second

    Netease Entertainment November 17 reported by Du Ruoxi, Yan Yi wide, Siqin Gaowa and many other stars starred in the era of emotional drama "Sisters and Sisters" in Anhui TV prime file hit. The drama of the bloody troubled times in China as the background, about the balance of forces by the three parties of the exquisite town of Yunnan, due to a Daughter of the tragedy to break the balance, leads not the world tea "Linglong Gong" successor Song Haijing and her three daughters bumpy The Story of Destiny. In the latest drama, the story can be described as climax after another, Song Chunya and Yan Yi wide play Chazha guess this pair of children deep hatred of the chaos of Mandarin ducks, it is sad to upgrade, and Du Ruxi I also by virtue of the play Song Chunya this The role of the perfect interpretation of acting by the audience recognition.


    In the drama broadcast last night, Dorothy played as the Songjia daughter Chunya finally realized that their feelings on Chazha guess, and Zha Zhaizhi finally know how much mistakes because of their misunderstanding, to bring Song How much trouble. When the misunderstanding between two people will soon be solved, Song Chunya was forced to marry Lu Shaoyi. Seeing the spring tea couple will recognize each other, the story has started a turning point in God, two people to the final feelings into a mystery.


    The play in the play if Song Chunya Duru is a lot of growth and transformation of the role, she grew up from a little girl as a family when the family, Song Chunya unfavorable fate in her interpretation of people under the very sense of substitution, emotion Of the disclosure just right. One of the scenes is Chunya alone cry and look for the injured Chazha guess, although this scene is not too many lines, but one of Du Ruixi's eyes are out of her anxiety and tension. But also because of Song Chunya this role, so that the eyes of Du Ruixi acting won the audience's praise, many viewers have said: "see" sister sister "when feeling Du Ruixi every eye is a play, see it is too fun "," Ruoxi acting online, across the screen can feel the struggle of Chunya, the Tolerance of the strong girl is really distressed people! "


    Article Source: NetEase Entertainment