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"Sisters and Sisters" Anhui TV broadcast melodrama emotional re-upgrade

Author:    Time:2016-12-15    Browse volume:second

   Netease Entertainment November 22 reported by the Anhui Radio and Television, Shenzhen Radio, Film and Television Group, flute film and television media and other joint production, Xu Zongzheng directed, Du Ruixi, Siqin Gaowa, Yan Yi wide, And other strength of the actors in the era of emotional inspirational drama "sister and sister" broadcast more than half, the play was "Sister Feelings" mode of emotional integration is a variety of envy, wide Creek couple "high sugar sweet child" attracted fans crazy licking Screen, topic again and again.


    At this point, exquisite couple of the town began to CP on-line. With different character, different fate, different growth experience of the three sisters, and different men meet, to open the story to the unknown.


    The play, Chunya send Zhao Sanye to find someone to drunk the immeasurable League two rudder, let him drunk at the door of the tour group confessed to framed Zha Zha guess things. Farce attracted many people onlookers, the integrity of Chunya to force the patrol group to rescue the Chazha guess.


    Chunya and Chazha guess back to Tongzhai, daughter-in-law to treat the mountain official, unexpectedly, mountain official son eager, quietly maid in Chunya's food into aphrodisiac drugs, Chunya dose after delirious, Trance among the Zhazha guess Tan Suwen. Chazha guess the witch doctor to seek antidote, but was told that no drug can be solved, Zhazha guess only day and night guarding in the Chunya side to take care of her.


    The play, Yanyi wide actor Chazha guess, is a reading from poetry and literature, broad-minded elegant man to the oil chamber slippery, different forms of Burmese businessman, two-sided personality acting, two coexistence of identity has been tearing With him, so he was almost in a split state, but he desperately hope that the two men can be integrated. End burst inside story attracted a lot of audience's eye, outside the play he also shared his love view, Yan Yi wide that: marriage is only two feelings and a starting point of life, even if the work is busy, but also more Energy into life and marriage, long-term love and marriage need two common business, to maintain.


    In the play, the husband and wife talk about husband and wife tacit interpretation of the opponent play, the Du Ruxi said: he and her husband have had many cooperation, from the TV series "love of love" to "close friend", to this "sister Sisters ", both in performance or in life have a full understanding, it also saves a lot of time for the filming, and the crew also worked very happy.


    Song Haijing want to expose the identity of the truth behind Zhachai masked housekeeper face the horizon


    Song Haijing day and night to develop Linglong Gong at home, but found that someone at home seemed to secretly monitor her. Chunya to find Song Hai-ching and Chazha guess to pretend to be married in Tongzhai thing. Song Haijing Chazha guess called alone, I hope he can tell Chunya confessed identity. Chazha guess to Chunya that mind, and said he is Tan Suwen, Chunya deeply moved, but do not believe Cha Zha guess said ... ...


    For this period of emotional drama, starring Du Ruixi has its own unique views: Chunya in emotion and love, there are many different show, after her as a daughter of the mother's attachment and inheritance, family and the entire enterprise to play, she Eventually became a business woman, her love story is the most tangled one. Chazha guess Chunya love is the dead oneself, rather than their own, he is also very painful. Chunya's lover is dead, can not go back, so I can not believe that the person is still alive, the fate of the trick is really child.


    With the story of the spinning, exquisite town Song, Lu, Wednesday, the rights of large family battle, the war will be slowly opened the curtain. The stormy Song on the surface calm, but in reality perilous!