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"Sisters and Sisters" Lu Qian case of life Waterloo child care upgrade

Author:    Time:2016-12-15    Browse volume:second

   "Sisters and Sisters" is starring in the Anhui TV golden file hot broadcast...... The play focused on the door run out of doors, home enemies hate, pure heart and many other elements of the heart, around the family of three tea Song family's daughter launched a series of complicated and confusing story. In the play, 90 young actress Lu Qian played Song's second daughter Song Xia Lan, a well-read book, known to the family of the daughter of Dali. Song Xia Lan's life can be described as twists and turns, the situation is rugged, with the hit of the play, Song Xia Lan's concept of love and marriage also led to no small discussion.


    Shaking life experience opened Lu Qian thoughtful acceptance


    Experienced plot, the plot of the Song has long precarious, precarious, Song Haijing (Siqin Gaowa) robbery plan became the last straw to crush the Song family, and Behind this behavior has led to the Song of three daughters are non-Song The secret of this buried for decades, with the truth gradually being stripped, all an uproar. Xia Lan learned that the news can not believe and accept this fact, recalling her mother for decades as their favorite, Xia Lan into a deep thought, but still own Song is raising her daughter to be proud of. Recall this episode, Lucie admitted: In fact, the most similar places and Song Xia Lan is the bones are more persistent, and outside the soft-Song Xia Lan is just the character of the characters more attractive to her place.


    Mother accidentally passed away Lucie chill away


    Song Haijing's death at this time is no doubt on the embattled Song is worse, that the news of Xia Lan anxious, want to send his mother the last journey, was ordered to ban Lu Shaoyi out, helpless Xia Lan had to mother at home Pimadaixiao sad Excessive her syncope in the past, the doctor's notice, Xia Lan accidentally learned that their children are still pleasantly surprised the summer Lan decided to flee, fled the present life. Many viewers have a message: girls still have to choose a love of their own people to live together, like Xia Lan so it is too hard.


    Xia Lan away what will be the outcome of what? Will Lu Shaoyi fall in love with Song Xia Lan? More exciting, in the golden star of Anhui TV "sister and sister", we have seen or not.