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Kang Lei "sisters and sisters" to fight the Japanese patriotic craze

Author:    Time:2016-12-15    Browse volume:second

    The flute female media produced, Xu Zongzheng directed, Siqin Gaowa, Yan Yi wide, Kang Lei portrait of the Republic of legendary giant system "sister and sister" is the Anhui TV hit. In the bloody troubled times, the young actor Kang Lei in the play as a returnee gentleman Zhou Jingheng, but the bones are patriotic blood of the Communists. The face of the Japanese plot for the exquisite town, Zhou Jingheng's high intelligence this week, decisive on-line, bilingual free to switch, minutes To see through the Japanese flaws, the returnees gentleman's advantage and high IQ show incisively and vividly.


    In the latest update of the drama, the exquisite town of dark tide surging, the Japanese conspiracy has been revealed in the spinning. The face of national crisis, returnees gentleman Kang Lei's "patriotism" and "high IQ" are on-line. Jingheng clever for his father Zhou Zhanxiong siege, calmly in their own warehouses and Chai Tianhe deal in Japanese, the success of the firewood Tian attention distracted to help his father successfully resolve the crisis. And the use of their ability to observe, identify the hospital's Wounded are Japanese, and Song Younong conspiracy to verify the authenticity of the move to the town of anti-Japanese struggle to snatch the opportunity. Zhou Jingheng is rescued in the play Zongyan party members to bring back their own home cultivation, and to help them After a layer of assessment, Zhou Jingheng by a returnees wide turned into a firm belief in the Communist Party, read the oath of the moment, Zhou Jingheng know he gave a profound revolutionary mission. After joining the anti-Japanese, Zhou Jingheng is stealing the "Magpie Bridge plan" file plays a key role in the operation, and the success of the file security to Lu Shaoyi home, a move will lay a prerequisite for exquisite town anti-Japanese. Zhou Jingheng on the line so That the audience pleasantly surprised, Chinese Japanese free to switch, a small number of Party members have a degree, frequently praised by users, which Kang Lei said, Zhou Jingheng has excellent insight and willpower, although studying abroad for many years, but the bones Are authentic Patriotic feelings, in the use of their own advantages in the successful completion of the task for the anti-Japanese contribution to their own strength.


    Zhou Jingheng's fate will be how the transition? He will be how to use their own IQ to resolve the crisis again and again, so stay tuned Anhui TV "sister and sister" finale.