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August 1 base of a deputy director accused of forced trading crime: do not give money to find troubl

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     As a deputy guide, Sohn actually use the opportunity to manage the masses actors, forced to provide the crew to pay extras, working meals, etc., if the crew does not "cooperation", she would interfere with the crew film; on the other hand she was owed mass actor wages, Limiting the fate of the actors.


     This morning, Fengtai Procuratorate informed the crime of forced transactions on Sunmou prosecution.


     Case of Secret


     Group play live base outside the female deputy director but the crew to send the toll


     This year's 43-year-old Sohn is Tianjin, claiming to be a pretty pretty actress, appeared in some film and television works, but because of a car accident ruined her acting career.


     As a result of taking a lot of hormone drugs during treatment, resulting in aliasing can not be recovered. Since then she was in the cast as an assistant director, responsible for the recruitment of actors.


     Sohn claimed to have served as "flag fluttering" deputy director, and the film base of the chaotic mass act recruiting way to see her interests, so she began to recruit staff monopoly eighty-one film base actor market.


     Bayi film base is located in Fengtai a village, the local village committee to solve the village farmers employment, would like to set up a mass actor company, agreed by the film base, the village households brigade is responsible for managing the extras.


     In 2009, Sunmou was introduced to the never registered "group acting association" in the name of verbal agreement reached with the village committee, which is responsible for the management of extras, the village committee to pay 50,000 yuan each year.


     January 2011, Sohn again with the name of a film company signed a written authorization with the village committee.


     Sunmou are sent every day in the film and television base tour and found a crew stationed, they find someone to talk with the crew leader, "recommend" their own charges extras.


     Sohn asked the crew shall not be allowed to employ other units or individual actors; by Sunmou designated professional canteen for the crew to provide food.


     In addition, Sohn asked the crew to pay the cost of each actor 40 yuan, but in fact most extras live in the film base surrounding the compound, do not need to ride.


     20 groups to play a team leader asked the crew to open wages


     Sohn also provides that the crew each use 20 extras, it is necessary to arrange a leader, the crew need to pay 160 yuan team leader. But the leader of the work, the crew has the relevant person in charge, the post useless. Because Sohn's extras sometimes not enough, the crew will bring extras, Sohn also have provisions, carrying extras can not exceed 10 people, the excess is required to pay 50 yuan per person per day Sunmou management fee.


     Many of the crew because they have set up pre-set, signed a site lease contract, in order to avoid greater losses, can only promise Sun's Overlord treaty.


     If the crew does not buy it to find someone "trouble" interference shooting


     Of course, there will be some of the crew did not initially buy Sunmou account, they will bring their extras or do not pay management fees.


     Whenever found such a situation, Sunmou let the patrol to talk to the crew to negotiate, and call others to lead the crowd actors, in the shooting scene to block the lens, making sound, armed abuse, beating the crew staff interference crew Shooting, forced the crew to find Sunmou signed a contract, the use of its provided extras, working meals, and pay the relevant management costs.


     There was a drama crew shooting the war, because there is no contract with Sohn, Sohn was sent to wear modern clothes standing shooting scene, resulting in shooting can not be forced to stop over five or six times. One day do not shoot the drama crew had to waste more than 20 million, desperation, the crew had succumbed to Sohn's request.


     Some people even get a point to receive less than


     Film base and the brigade agreed Sunmou management of the film base of the extras, the intention is to let her organize the brigade villagers to do the work of extras to solve the problem of the employment of the villagers. But Sunmou provided by the extras, not the local villagers, but external through the network, recruitment to the extras.


     Sunmou in order to facilitate the use of extras, but also rented a compound in the room for external candidates for the extras live. Sohn will also lease the compound is divided into several branches, and in each branch selected a hospital owner.


     Wages paid to the courtyard by the Sohn Lord, the main hospital and then distributed to the extras, Sunmou and the owners will be drawn from the profits, the final assigned to the hands of the extras in the hands of extras few extras, some extras did not get A penny of wages.


     At the same time, the compound management also detained the actor's ID card and other valid documents, limiting the fate of the extras. October 26, 2012 morning, Sohn and others were arrested.