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     Chongqing film and television media was established in 2011, has a strong film and television production experience. Mainly engaged in film and television drama investment and production; TV columns, micro-film planning and filming; political and enterprise feature films, videos, documentaries production; planning and implementation of large-scale cultural activities. 

     The company since its establishment, has completed a number of film and television commercials, film and television commercials, micro-film, and other outstanding works. And participate in a number of business associations and large enterprises planning and implementation of activities.

DreamWorks film and television media have a professional planning, photography, photography and post-production of the elite team, production of hardware ranging. We uphold the idea of innovation and hard work, to meet the diverse needs of the cultural market. Innovation is the soul of DreamWorks. Hard work, is the DreamWorks attitude. To create the first brand film and television media, is the relentless pursuit of DreamWorks!